OctoinJune 11, 2018
    Voting on Indodax - OctoinCoin continues to enter large exchanges!

    An important announcement for all project participants and owners of OctoinCoin! We are pleased to announce that our team will again participate in the contest at the Indodax exchange and try to enter this trading platform. Let's remind that last time we had some problems with registration and we could not participate in this event. After that, we worked for several months in this direction and now we are confidently voting on Indodax.

    But without your help, of course, we will not be able to achieve all the goals that we set ourselves. It is you who can push the development and growth of OctoinCoin on exchanges. From the results of this voting depends not only the success of our project, but also your personal well-being. Therefore, rather familiarize yourself with the rules of participation and vote for OctoinCoin - a pledge of your prosperity and success!

    1. Register on the Indodax exchange ( ) English and Indonesian are available.
    2. Go to your profile and find the Account Verification tab ( ) Verification is available for participants from any country.
    3. Follow the instructions (enter personal information, after which you will be asked to confirm them by sending a photo of your passport and your photo).
    4. Buy TEN  cryptocurrency (a minimum of 1.1 TEN) and participate in the voting (, which will begin very soon!

    An extended instruction on the rules of participation and verification can be found at:

    • Each member may participate in voting process and it will cost 0.1 TEN per vote.
    • Transfer fee - 1 TEN
    • TEN is the token of Indodax trading platform
    • Price for 1 TEN at the moment - 0,3$

    Come on Indodax and vote for OctoinCoin! We will develop and go to the future together!