OctoinMay 09, 2018
    OctoinCoin on the new exchange!

    Recently, OctoinCoin appeared and started trading on the OpenLedger DEX exchange. This is an important step in the development of our cryptocurrency.

    Here's what the representatives of OpenLedger DEX wrote about this event:

    “Launched by the international community of professional crypto investors, OCC is an open, flexible, secure, and decentralized cryptocurrency that supports such technologies as SegWit, Lightning Network, Smart Contracts, and the POS algorithm.

    That lowers mining costs and significantly increases the profitability of the block solution. OCC also allows for simple use, cross-platform functionality, and easy integration into third-party projects. It means that online businesses can deploy our own applications and projects with the built-in OctoinCOIN cryptocurrency as a payment solution.”

    The following are the available trading pairs with OctoinCoin:

    OCC / BTS

    OCC / BTC

    OCC / ETH

    OCC / EOS

    OCC / bitCNY

    OCC / bitUSD


    We continue to work to make OctoinCoin appear on all major exchanges and trading floors that sell crypto-currencies. Follow the news and wait for important announcements!

    OctoinCoin - a new era of blockchain!