OctoinSeptember 29, 2018
    OCC: Connecting Shops

    Dear investors, wewould like to share great news with you!
    After several month of preperation, we are ready to announce the launch of micro-payment platform. We created 13 entres for micro-payments in China, Japan, India, Korea Republic, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ukrain, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Egypt, UK, USA and others. The first objective is no reach the number of 100 million OCC users and 10 000 working spots.
    Our work has already started and already we have offers from business to implement OCC to them.
    Dear investors, the pace of our progress with increase and we will never forget about our oblications and commitments. OUr gloal aim is to create the second BTC. OCC explores Chinese payment methods and withdrawal through Wechat.
    Keep following our updates on the path to success!