• Dear investors, wewould like to share great news with you! After several month of preperation, we are ready to announce the launch of micro-payment platform. We created 13 entres for micro-payments in China,

    • OctoinSeptember 29, 2018

      We received news that the OctoinCoin partnership and the exchange were established. The representatives of P2PB2B came out to communicate with us and agreed on cooperation with us.

    • OctoinJune 17, 2018

      Dear users! Сrew of Octoin coin has been working on the process of listing OCC to trading platforms since February 2018. We have sent over 1000 emails, had many hours of conversation with authorities of different exchangers.

    • OctoinJune 11, 2018

      An important announcement for all project participants and owners of OctoinCoin! We are pleased to announce that our team will again participate in the contest at the Indodax exchange and try to enter this trading platform. Let's remind that last time we had some problems with registration and we could not participate in this event. After that, we worked for several months in this direction and now we are confidently voting on Indodax.

    • OctoinMay 09, 2018

      Recently, OctoinCoin appeared and started trading on the OpenLedger DEX exchange. This is an important step in the development of our cryptocurrency.

    • OctoinMay 07, 2018

      Dear users! We are happy to notify you about the launch of a separate Internet page dedicated to the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency. Here you can find information about OctoinCoin (further OCC), Road Map, official and additional documents about the cryptocurrency.

    • OctoinMay 06, 2018

      In the modern world, it is more important than ever to receive the most reliable information in a timely manner. This is especially true of the sphere of crypto-currency and blockchain, as it is progressing very fast. In this regard, people need the most current data on various crypto-currencies.

    • OctoinMay 06, 2018

      Dear participants of the project Octoin, Our cryptocurrency has appeared on one of the largest and most famous websites that specialize in listing and preserving data on all major cryptocurrencies. On it you can follow and learn the latest information about the capitalization, price, sales volumes and fluctuations of the exchange rate of OctoinCoin and other cryptocurrencies. A handy toolkit allows you to do it quickly and without any problems with downloads and interface.