OCTOIN Road map
2018, 1st QuarterThe first stage
2018, 1st Quarteropening of futures trading on stock exchanges
2018, 1st Quarterdevelopment and implementation of the mining algorithm
2018, 1st Quarteralpha and beta testing
2018, 1st Quarterlaunch of the blockchain
2018, 1st Quarterlaunch of desktop wallets for Mac OS, Windows, Linux
2018, 1st Quarterlaunch of block explorer
2018, 2nd Quarterdevelopment of a safe and confidential wallet with the use of innovations Segregated Witness (SegWit)
The second stage2018, 2nd Quarter
the opening of cloud mining on third-party resources2018, 2nd Quarter
access to world trading platforms2018, 2nd Quarter
API development2018, 2nd Quarter
participation in roadshow2018, 2nd Quarter
opening of a representative office in China2018, 2nd Quarter
entering into the market of Latin America2018, 3rd Quarter
2018, 3rd QuarterThird stage
2018, 3rd Quarterimplementation of micro-transactions using the Lightning Network
2018, 3rd Quarterintegration with partner’s online business
2018, 3rd Quarteropening our own independent trading platform
2018, 3rd Quarterintegration of partner’s mobile applications
2018, 4th Quarteradding OCC to TOP 50 of trading platforms
2018, 4th Quarterlisting OCC in TOP100 crypto monitors
2018, 4th Quarterdevelopment of OCC wallets for Android & iOS platforms
2019, 1st Quarterentering into the European market
2019, 1st Quarterstart integration with partner’s offline businesses
2019, 1st Quarterupdate the design of APPs
  • Bill Johnson
    CEO | Co-founder
    Bill is a serial SaaS entrepreneur. His last startup was acquired by a public company in 2014. Octoin Coin is his latest SaaS hearthrob. When he’s not obsessing over sales acceleration, you will find him on the marathon run, mountain biking and skydiving.
  • Ed Zhong
    Software developer
    Ed is a self-driven Core developer who is continually providing "Game-Changing" contributions to the project. Ed’s rebellious ‘hacker-spirit’ spurns the current paradigm and instead; builds something novel, powerful and esoteric. Code is eating the world; blockchains are just a continuation of that trend and Ed is creatively integrating Code into the world of finance.
  • Mike Kutcher
    Senior cryptocurrency market analyst
    Born in Canada, Toronto. Started from digital advertising and ran a company “Vertigo Advertising” in 2008. Opened a company “Sense tlc” and wrote code for mobile telesystems and their applications. Invested in bitcoin in 2010 and started to make concept for cryptocurrency.
  • Kate Grace
    Senior trading consulting manager
    Born in Krakow, Poland. Started as PR manager in Google communication centre in 2013. Join Europe Blockchain hub in 2015. Conducted meet ups in Krakow about Blockchain and ICO during 2016. Joined Octoin company in September 2017.
  • Diane Jordan
    Senior manager in Indonesia
    Entrepreneur and property director at CV.Pagutan99Property-Bali Indonesia. Join octoin in september 2017.
    [email protected]

The Octoin Team is big. We have partnership with Leaders from different countries. We attract new employees of the highest standards level for the constant development and promotion of Octoin.